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7 Amazing Lab Equipment Innovations You Never Knew About!

By Hassan Khan | Updated: Saturday, 22 June 2019 09:30 UTC
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7 Amazing Lab Equipment Innovations You Never Knew About!
7 Amazing Lab Equipment Innovations You Never Knew About!

Necessity is the mother of invention, rightly said, from the invention of sundials to the latest stopwatch, technology has evolved slowly but surely and great things have come into being. Scientists, tech companies and laboratory equipment suppliers all are the part of this evolution and hence, need to be updated.

If you are someone who is interested in science in any way possible then you should know about these innovative types of lab equipment which have made their way in the market.

1. TOC Analyzers

TOC analyzer is used by scientists to analyze and test the presence of total organic carbon in a compound. Introduced by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, this TOC analyzer uses combustion as the method to carry out the test.

As purified water is important various in industrial processes, TOC helps in the removal of bacteria and other impurities from the water. Moreover, it also ensures the cleanliness in the pharmaceutical industry.

2. ZipChip

Zipchip should be another innovation that you should look out. It is a microfluidic device that is used in the mass spectrometry. This chip not only fastens up the process but can also handle bigger sample size and a wide range of samples. Moreover, the size of the chip is not bigger than that of the microscope slide.

Various experts also say that Zipchip has improved their efficiency and has helped them in getting various of their job done at a faster rate. Where previous procedures would need hours Zipchip did the job within minutes.

3. Prime sCMOS Camera

With the procedure of time, the need for being better and doing better has also increased. The scientists, tech companies, and laboratory equipment suppliers have started focusing on cameras as well. These cameras help the researchers to take pictures of their microscopic discoveries and researches.

With the increase in demand of these cameras, they are being developed by every year with features like noise adjustments, light adjustments, and better pixels. This innovation has also provided images for educational purposes.

4. Moisture Analyzers

Next on the list is Moisture Analyzer that has been produced by various companies and is one of the equipment that is required by various laboratories today. Industries like food and textiles are also in need of moisture analyzer.

As the name suggests Moisture Analyzer tells how much moisture the researching sample carries. The weight of the sample before and after the test is conducted and in this order, the apparatus tells the loss of the moisture from the sample.

5. Time-of-flight Detector

To determine the weight of various particles now the scientists have started using a time-of-flight detector. It is one of the equipment that laboratory equipment suppliers should consider having. It differentiates between the different particle coming from the same momentum.

There are various companies and suppliers offering this equipment which is mass sensitive. It is an essential part of the laboratory especially when a new experiment is being carried out.

6. Milo

Milo is another powerful and important contribution to the laboratory especially medical laboratory as it helps in protein-related tests. This small device can take up to thousands of cells at one time and provide results for a specific protein that needs to be studied.

Developed in the University of California this equipment only needs a small amount of cell suspension on its microscopic disc to carry out the test. Unlike other equipment before milo, it will help the researchers study cells in more depth.

7. Lumos

As the name suggests another quite important and helpful addition that has been done to the laboratory is Lumos. It is one of those inventions that laboratory equipment suppliers should know about.

Carrying four different wells providing LED light in red, blue, orange, and green, each coming within microseconds, this device helps the researchers study the cultured cells in a far better way. Researchers at universities are now opting for this device to study the cells related to various human diseases like Epilepsy.


Innovation is necessary when it comes to technology especially one which is linked with scientific researches. It aids humankind in various significant discoveries related to life-saving events. Therefore, laboratory equipment suppliers should be aware of all the new names and innovation that are making their way in the market.

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