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8000XHT Series: Innovative Technology to Measure Heat Transfer Fluids

By Naman ModiTwitter Profile | Updated: Tuesday, 23 February 2021 22:04 UTC
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8000XHT Series: Innovative Technology to Measure Heat Transfer Fluids
8000XHT Series: Innovative Technology to Measure Heat Transfer Fluids Naman Modi

Recently technology has changed and is not like before where you struggle to get measures. They are a lot of improvements in the exchange of the performance. You can use it to make the upgrade of the worth consideration according to the industrial uses. You will need to know innovative measures to keep heat transfers and liquid.

It is exceptionally high or low temperature of the 8000XHT Series of the flow meters. Therefore, used to measure the accuracy, reliability, with the cost-effectiveness of the machine you use.

The high temperature can enhance the proteus world-class for calibration of expertise. The whole process is easy when you use the right tool for measuring heat.

Shell and tube heat exchange has been longer than you expected. The exchange rate of the heat offers you advantages for the functions. It has the application of a single-phase utilizes for a wide range of temperature and pressure.

The construction has a variety of material meet for corrosion and designing of the material requirements. The downside has a lower area of the zone that results in baffling where fouling can occur. The changes in direction caused decreases in the designing of flow vibration to each industry.

How does it work?

The liquid used passes through the flow sensor, which is caused by the spin. Another alternative is north and south magnetic in the rotor is transferred pulse via two flux concentrations.

The rotational is the frequency to enter into flash memory. It makes work easy for you when operating using the same machine.

It is built to rely on the state's programming changes when measured on flow rate and preset heat transfer.

The alarm here is a trip point value that ensures accuracy and the prevention of unwanted tampering. It is used to make the machine works efficiently.

Here is the 8000XHT Series extreme temperature of flow meter factors:

  1. It has a five years warranty.
  2. Customization available for OEMs
  3. It enhances the accuracy and stability of digital technology.
  4. The flow range is 0.95- 60 LMP/0.25 to GPM.
  5. Innovation technology is designed to be used in the fluid temperature of 200 degrees.

Expanded metal baffle

The expansion of machine technology will vary differently. It is used to create the reduction of the pressure loss for heat exchange. Here is those expanded metal:

Expanding on idea

The expanded metal is used in the power application for the running tube through diamond shape. The heat is, therefore, exchanged relatively on recent development.

The fluid passes are created localized to increase the local cross-flow component. It helps to improve characteristics for heat exchange.

The pressure loss is effectively converted to increase the improvement of heat transfer broken to expand the bundles' length.

Dimension and drawing

The dimension of the 8000XHT Series of the product is mentioned in the table below.

 Therefore, the outline of 3D drawing is capable of accessing the proteus industry.

The solid model is available for the request of application and supports

Proteus: Customizing expert

You can bring your specification and let the company you chose to create your flow management solution of exact requirements.

A material modification is improved for compatibility of fluid via the pipe. Flow rate is matched with a large connection of implantation for high and low temperature.

The modification

The new product is brought to fitting and position of the entire unit; the sub-assemble will be certified leak for the electrical connections' tightness. The system is manufactured to process ISO 9001, which ensures the instruments arrive at every use and time.

The knowledge is based on the work solving for the demanding of flow measurements challenges. You can try to use modification in various places.

Cost-effective temperature measurement

The flow of the 8000XHT Series offers you the capability of the measurements for liquid rate and temperature. Therefore, it is used to measure single instruments of the required connection point line.

The optional is pt1000 for resistance temperature, and it is used to detect probe mounting for the body sensor. It will provide you with direct measurements of the liquid temperature. You will quickly get all the information displays here. Make sure to get a resistance signal to help you discovers all you needed to know.

Unique design

The design used for reliable performance is applicable for proper cooling. It is achieved by the sensitivity of the direct measurement used here. Therefore, it enables you to resist the signal. You need to make sure the design you use is easy to monitor as you read.

Advantage of thermal mass flow meters

The repeatability and negligible offer thermal mass flow for maintenance of flow speed.

Thermal mass flow does not have moving parts. Hence, technology depends on the transfer of passing resistance for the temperature detectors of sensor protections.

There are not affected by the pressure variation because of the meter counts.

The measurement is easy to read by everyone.

Some thermal meters like sage metering are paramount to offer you simple calibration of the verification.


When you are looking to know the technology used to measure heat, the 8000XHT Series flow meters are the best option. You need to make sure that all things run smoothly with the type of flow meter you choose to work. It is used for several things involved in various activities. In this article, we discussed the essential details to help you understand.

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