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Essential Steps to Host a Minecraft Server

By Luke Underwood | Updated: Wednesday, 18 August 2021 19:43 UTC
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Essential Steps to Host a Minecraft Server
Essential Steps to Host a Minecraft Server Minecraft

Most of you know that Minecraft has become the top leading open video game, allowing you to play solo and with your friends in multiplayer mode. However, if you intend to play with your friends and other players, you must play the game in multiplayer mode.

You should know that to play multiplayer, you have to either host or rent a server. Though, hosting a Minecraft servers is much better than renting one as it is cost-effective. Plus, you can even allow the players you want to play with into your server. So, if you have decided to host your server, you need to follow the below steps.

Download The Minecraft Program

You can download the game program from the official Minecraft site and install it on your computer. But before you install the game, you need to ensure that your computer is compatible with the program. That means you should check the game's requirements and see whether it aligns with your computer specification or not.

For example, you need sufficient RAM and a fast CPU to run your server efficiently. Plus, you must know that Minecraft runs on java, and most computers usually don’t come with java. So it is better to download the latest version of java.

Prepare The Program

After you have downloaded the Minecraft file, you need to install the program on your computer. In the window, you have to double click the download file to install it, and once you do, it will open numerous windows and messages simultaneously. However, in Mac, you have to command your Mac to install the file by making plain text. After that, you need to copy the instructions and save them in the Minecraft servers rpg folder.

Customize The Game

Now you can customize your game by accessing the properties. You can easily do it using TextEdit in MacOs or notepad in windows. Moreover, you can configure the gaming requirements according to your liking and save them. For instance, if you want to play in creative mode, you can set the gameplay to ‘1’, or if you want to play in survival mode, you can set the gameplay to ‘’. Plus, you can also determine who can have access to your server. All you have to do is accept their request towards your server.

If you want to host a server, following the above steps will help you efficiently do that, no matter whether you are a beginner or an expert.

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