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5 Things You Should Know Before You Start Mountain Biking

By Solange Carpen | Updated: Friday, 25 September 2020 20:00 UTC
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5 Things You Should Know Before You Start Mountain Biking
5 Things You Should Know Before You Start Mountain Biking

Although bike riding is quite a simple thing to many of us, some love to make it more thrilling. Therefore, mountain biking has its fanbase. Whether the purpose is to get fit or to enjoy nature, biking is always people's favorite.

However, simple biking may not need any special tips before you do it, but when it comes to riding a bike in the mountain trails, you need to know certain things.

Since it's always more enjoyable to ride on a road covered with green trees around you and the zigzag trails. Mountain biking is always on the top of the biker's choice. Therefore, we came up with some tips that everyone should follow when they start biking in the mountains.

Let's proceed with the points now.

1. Tips for the Beginning

Be it cooking, swimming, or biking; everything needs a primary touch-up when you start it. Firstly, you have to ensure the category of the road. For instance, it can be a straight road like other highways, or it can be zigzag hilly roads too.

Now, depending on the road types, you should choose the right bike for you. Also, the tires of your bike should be suitable according to the place you are going to ride on.

Hence, every time you think of mountain biking, know the road types and the place in detail. It will help you to choose the right bike and lead you to an enjoyable ride.

2. Do Not Overspend

Secondly, all the bikers know it very well that your head has a lot to do while riding a bike. Especially it’s in the case of going down to a road. No, this is not for operating the bike but for making the right judgments in the case of turns and brakes.

Since the amount of weight on the specific tire indicates the power of the brake of that particular tire. The front-wheel holds the most weight while going down to the road. Therefore, using the front brake will help you to keep control over your bike and to avoid falling upside down.

Besides, do not underestimate the rear brake too. Try putting more weight on it while descending. As a result, the rear brake will also hold more power and help you to stay under control.

Indeed, knowing well that how much weight each tire expects is a skill that every pro bikers have. Therefore, they know where and how much weight they should put on and how to avoid unexpected falls.

3. Keep Proper Safety Instruments

Being a pro at riding is not enough if you don't manage to carry all the necessary instruments. These instruments will not only save you from several crashes but also make you feel more confident in the case of risky moves.

When speaking about safety, a helmet always comes first. Having a quality helmet can save you from more than 50% of accidents. There are many kinds of helmets available in the market. Especially the full-face and regular helmets are the most popular.

However, if you are an aggressive rider, full-face helmets are your thing. Then comes taking care of your eyes. So, you should be extra careful and invest the right amount to buy a quality protection kit.

Moreover, experts suggest getting quality eyeglasses in less money than too many expensive ones. Since many kinds of objects like leaves, branches, trees, and plants may come in your way of riding, you can easily fall and break your glasses. Therefore cheaper glasses would be fewer painful to lose.

4. Ride Anywhere

Eventually, everyone wants more experience in their favorite field. So does the bikers. However, it requires you to ride in different places. The more one tries new places, the more he gets expert.

Different places like parks, local streets, city roads, hilly trails, etc. have different levels of ups and downs that make you a pro as more as you ride on them. Therefore, riding anywhere is an effective way to reach the next level.

However, you may find it hard to find different roads for yourself; Google is there to help you. Just search the right location and get plenty of options for it. Also, ski resorts can be similarly helpful in this case.

5. Your Bike Needs Care

For a biker, it's his bike that stays with him the whole time of riding. Therefore, treating it well is as important as taking care of him. Treating the bike well includes cleaning it after every ride.

Especially after the rides on a rainy or muddy day, your bike needs special care. Although it's more thrilling to ride in the rain, your bike might get some trouble due to such thrills. Therefore, take proper care of it after such rides.

Also, carrying the necessary equipment for need is crucial as we said before. It includes wrenches, a tire pump, and a spare tube. Besides, keep checking if the chain is perfectly lubed and never forget to keep an around gear with you for any further need.

Other Tips

Besides, you need to know many additional tips and tricks to be an expert rider. Although that might take a whole different content, we are trying to inform you as we can.

Riding needs both of your strengths and skill. For instance, putting the right amount of weight on the right wheels is all about your strength level. On the other hand, look at the road while going down is all about skill. Thus the perfect balance happens.

Experts suggest that always try to look forward from you to 15 to 25 feet ahead. Hence that helps you to avoid several crashes and objects like stone, bricks, and roots on the path.

The Bottom Line

Although riding a bike excites you a lot at the beginning, do not rush. If you start slow, eventually you will be smooth, and that will automatically lead you to be ride faster. It's the best advice a beginner can follow. All the best on your bike!

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